What a young couple running a ski lodge would lead to…

Chapter1 Ski Lodge Management Period

On the second day after opening the ski lodge, Kuze met a beautiful woman. That woman became his wife, Mayumi. The young couple, full of hope, began to manage the ski lodge together. Ryozo taught his favorite pasttime, skiing, to the guests and organized ski races, which made him a well-known ski lodge manager.

In reality, however, running a ski lodge is a tough business. During the busy ski season, there was no privacy at all, and they couldn’t even get a good night’s sleep. During the off-season, on the other hand, there are not so many guests and their income was cut off. Gradually, the physical and mental strain began to take its toll on Mayumi. After two years of managing the ski lodge, with a child born along the way, Mayumi finally left and went to her parents’ home, taking their young son with her.

When Ryozo learned of Mayumi’s distress, he promised to quit the ski lodge business and went to pick her up at her parents’ house. After that, he tried various businesses, but it was not easy for him to generate enough income to close the lodge. (Continue to Chapter2)