• Ryozo Kuze starts a ski lodge business in Madarao Kogen.
  • Mayumi Kuze’s homemade jams well received, production and sale of jams begins.
  • Sales network expanded to resort areas throughout Nagano Prefecture.
  • Sales network expanded nationwide.
  • Madarao Kogen Farm Ltd. established in the city of Nakano.
  • Construction project for head office, production facility, and farm begins in the village of Samizu.
  • Formation of a long-term vision with Samizu Village
  • Companies invited to Samizu Village to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the village government.
  • St.Cousair receives the Design Association President’s Award at the prefectural design exhibition titled “Proposal for Village Space.”
  • Completed acquisition of 16,000 square meters of land for site of head office, factory and office. Construction begins.
  • Announced new, low-sugar jam (39% sugar content).
  • April: Construction of head office completed. Relocation to the new building.
  • October: License for wine testing and production obtained, production of first batch.
  • May: Farm Resort Co., Ltd. established. Restaurant St. Cousair opened.
  • August: Agricultural production corporation Samizu Wine Production Farm established, begin managing the farm.
  • Winery, store and barbecue house built.
  • Fruit wine production license obtained (with a fixed term), full-scale production begun.
  • June: Increased capital to 70 million yen.
  • March: Awarded an honorable mention at the National Tax Bureau’s Western-style Sake Tasting Competition.
  • June: Licensed to produce fruit wine.
  • April: Licensed to produce liqueurs.
  • April: Obtained license for Olympic Games, Released a limited number of specially-made jams.
  • July: Karuizawa store opened.
  • February: All employees visit Napa Valley in the US.
  • Begin importing and selling California wines.
  • November: Capital increased to 32 million yen.
  • April: Established and started operation of St. Cousair Patisserie and St. Cousair Bakery.
  • Completion of the St. Cousair Chapel.
  • October: Company name changed to “St. Cousair Inc.”
  • Established “Former Karuizawa Club Holdings LLC”.
  • July: St.Cousair Factory Outlet Mita store opened at Premium Outlet Mita as a food outlet store.
  • June: Increased capital to 36.5 million yen.
  • Established St. Cousair (Ningbo) Commerce and Trade Co. in Ningbo, China.
  • November: Reduced capital to 100 million yen.
  • July: Won the Grand Prize at the Manufacturing Awards NAGANO
  • February: St. Cousair Apple Cidres certified Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée.
  • Began Franchising and Owner Franchising business.
  • November: Won the 10th Japan Partnership Awards and Grand Prix for charity jam business.
  • Acquired a 30,000 tsubo site and factory in Shinano-machi, Nagano Prefecture.
  • December: Kuze Fuku & Co.’s first store opened at AEON MALL Makuhari Shin Toshin
  • November: Won the Corporate and Business Brand Category Award at the Shinshu Brand Awards 2016
  • April: St. Cousair Oregon Orchards, Inc. (SCOO) established (Oregon, USA)
  • May: Production of Iizuna Apple Cider Brandy begins
  • June: First shipment to Japan from St. Cousair Oregon facility.
  • August: Reception party held in commemoration of SCOO’s entry into the U.S. market.
  • September: Signed a partnership agreement with Nara Prefecture.
  • June: Ryozo Kuze made Chairman of the Board. Ryota Kuze named President and CEO.
  • August: “Iizuna Apple Cidre 2017 Cidre Fuji,” “Iizuna Apple Cidre 2017 Fuji/Takasaka Apple,” and “St. Cousair Apple Cidre” win 2 stars at JAPAN CIDER AWARDS 2018.
  • September: SCOO begins selling products at “OYATSUPAN Bakers.”
  • October “Iizuna Apple Brandy” released.
  • December: SCOO company name changed to “St. Cousair, Inc” (SCI).
  • January: Start of SCI’s E-commerce business
  • April: Won the Bronze Award for “Iizuna Apple Brandy blanche 2018” at the Tokyo Whiskey & Spirits Competition.
  • Received Gold Award for “St. Cousair Chardonnay 2017”, “Ale Rouge 2014” and “Nagano Chardonnay” at the 13th Feminaires World Wine Competition 2019.
  • May: Signed an official sponsorship agreement with the C. W. Nicol Afan Woodland Trust.
  • September: Recipient of the “Glocal” Award at the Forbes Japan SMALL GIANTS AWARDS 2019-2020.
  • January: Iizuna Factory and Shinanomachi Factory acquire JFS-B certification.
  • June 30: Increased capital to 126,299,000 yen
  • St. Cousair Winery awarded “4 stars” at the Japan Winery Awards 2020.
  • October: Launch of “Kuze Fuku e Shotengai” (Kuze Fuku-Web Shopping Arcade).
  • “Iizuna Apple Cidre 2019 Bramley & Fuji” wins the Gold Award at Fuji Cidre Challenge, and the Trophy Award (Grand Prize) in the “Blend Cider” category.
  • December: Certified as an Iki Iki Adovance Company, an advanced company for workplace vitality.