Company Profile of St.Cousair Co., Ltd.

Company name: St.Cousair Co., Ltd.
Founded: June 1, 1979
Established: June 1, 1982
Capital: 126,299,000 yen
Representative Director: President and CEO Ryota Kuze
Employees: 715 (as of December 31, 2020), including part-time employees
Business: Manufacturing and sales of jams, wines, and other food products
Winery, Restaurant, Direct management of retail stores and franchise development
Brands: St. Cousair, Kuze Fuku & Co., Online marketplace “Kuze Fuku-Web Shopping Arcade”
Locations: ・Headquarters (St. Cousair Hill)
1260 Imogawa, Iizuna, Kamiminochi District, Nagano, JAPAN 389-1201
・Shinanomachi Center (St. Cousair Forest)
2249-1, Hiraoka, Shinanomachi, Kamiminochi District, Nagano, JAPAN 389-1315

St. Cousair, Inc.
Address: 8951 NE St. Paul Hwy, Newberg, Oregon 97132 USA Tel:+1(503) 538-2929 fax:+1(503) 538-1992
Representative Director: President Naoki Kuze

Group Company: Madarao Kogen Farm Co.
Financial Institutions: Hachijuni Bank, Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Mizuho Bank, etc.

Facility Overview

Manufacturing capacity ・Head Office
Manufacturing capacity of jam and other products: 7 million bottles (per year)
Manufacturing capacity of wine: 240 kiloliters (per year)

・Shinanomachi Center
Manufacturing capacity of gelato: 220 kiloliters (per year)
・St. Cousair, Inc.
Producing jams, fruit sauces, drinks, fruit in syrup, etc.
20,000 bottles per day, 4 million bottles per year

・Head office
Factory and head office: 3,000 square meters
Winery and store: 3,000 square meters
Parking lot: 5,000 square meters
Vineyard: 100,000 square meters

・Shinanomachi Center
Site area: 110,000 square meters
Office and logistics center: 3,300 square meters (total floor space)
・St. Cousair, Inc.
Site area: 30 acres (121,406 square meters)
Factory: 3,300 square meters