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Chardonnay du Monde Silver Medal "St.Cousair Chardonnay 2012"

-60 minutes from Snow Monkey

-30 minutes from Obuse

-Free bus in Winter Weekend(jan.-mar.)from Nagano Station

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Winery Restaurant St.Cousair

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Reservation: tel. 026.253.8070

Country Comfort

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest(Matthew 11:28)

We have The St.Cousair Chapel.The door is always open for prayer.

St.Cousair Winery & Vineyards Guest Information

St.Cousair Winery is located just 3 hours north of Tokyo Japan in the beautiful village of Iizuna in the northernmost part of Nagano prefecture where the 1998 winter Olympics were held.

Iizuna is surrounded by the 5 picturesque mountains and green forests of Nagano.

St.Cousair vineyards, winery, jam factory, 2 restaurants, chapel are all located on the beautiful hillside.

Our Estate Oo-iri Vineyard is one of the highest awarded vineyards in Nagano. Here is Chikuma river historical hilly region, now outstanding vine country in Japan. The beauty of the site 8 hectare (20 acres), 5 kilometers(3 miles)away from winery, 600m ( 2,000ft.) above sea level at 36°30’ north latitude, snowfall about 50cm. At this height, the substantial winter snowfall provided the necessary moister that creates the spectacular June bloom. During the growing season, the grapes and others fruits receive a bounty of sunshine, producing the weather and soil to harvest our award-winning grapes. The clay soils must be sufficiently moist, keeping minerals. Slow maturation tends to concentrate fruit flavors, producing elegant round rich body taste wines.

The local climate is good for the balance of acidity and sugar content as fruits mature.

The vine growing season (April to October )factor : cold and heat temperatures by night and by day, average temperature 20degrees,moderate rainfall 600mm , sufficient direct sunshine1800h April to November on average. Winds blowing ups and downs bring clear and dry weather to the vineyards to offset lingering rot, sets.

Harvesting begins from early October. Our benchmark and flagship grape variety is chardonnay. The ripen grapes have been picked 15tons yield on average. The yield is low but the high-quality premium chardonnay grapes are harvested by hand.

Also we have about 3tons yield red grapes varieties Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir. We challenge to success growing Burgundy(Bourgogne) varieties especially Pinot Noir. Now we set various Pinot Noir young plants for making good grapes..

12,000 vines of almost 25 years of age are planted in our local vineyard. Annual product is 110hecto-liter. Another vineyards select vines product is 2000hecto-liter a year.

We do not interfere with nature by adding unnecessary chemicals. We are proud of making all our wines. Despite our many international competitions awards, we are always striving to improve. [Sunshine makes Fruity, good soil makes abundant mineral, vigneron’s passion makes good vines]

Fidea's charity jam.

Fidea, working in our restaurant,has a dream to provide support (shelter, food, education, and love) to the most vulnerable children who have lost their parents.

St.Cousair surport her mission by selling her charity jams.

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